Friday, March 16, 2012

Drawing or sketch.

I like sketching more than drawing because I think that it is important give the final detail with paint than only with pencil, however many students think that it is more important drawing than sketching. In my opinion, learning to drawing could be boring and take more time than learning to sketch and sometimes if you want to finish your painting with colour it is not necessary to be a master drawer. When we want to draw like experts it is important to practice every day for a minimum of twenty minutes and use the correct pencil for shadows and shines, by the way,  you need to use a soft eraser and a professional stamp blending to give the final details. Another important thing it is uses a drawing paper or a sketch book to have a record of your progress. If you have a problem with your drawing I will help you every Wednesday but you must remember that once a week it is not enough. You have to practice every day.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mixed media assemblage

I recently studied mixed media assemblage at Emily Carr University. I found that technique is fascinating because you can make a unique piece of art with a lot of creative and techniques of sculpture. The assemblage that emerged from Cubism include such pieces as Picasso's Still-life (1914, London), composed of carved wood and an upholstery fridge, and intended to be hung on the wall. His painted bronze Glass of Absinthe (1914, New York ) includes a real spoon and is free-standing. A dissatisfaction with the deceptive illusionism of painting and sculpture that was overcome by the use of real objects. The facility with which objects could be juxtaposed in assemblage made the medium ideally suited to the Surrealism in their quest for marvelous. The Surrealism became an important part of the movement's output, allowing a material equivalent to the juxtaposition of distant entitles embodied in the Surrealist imagen. If you want to use mixed media assemblage you must build a sculptural form from found material and objects. Consider unique ways or a personalized way to forage for objects. Document the inherent. Characteristics of the objects and materials collected. It is important to have attention in composition, form, activation of space and content. Artists who have made mixed media assemblage, often from found objects: Robert Rauschenberg, David Hammonds, Tony Cragg's and others.