Sunday, August 28, 2011

Art level test

I have often wondered why I do an art test, the answer is simple, because I must prove to myself that I am able to start and finish a work of art using techniques I learned in class, I have to face the public that admire or criticize my art because it should be able to find my own artistic way, I must transmit my feelings in my artwork. Many answers I find to deal with an examination of art, it really relaxes me know that my students attend art class because they want to explore their artistic qualities and put them on a canvas. I feel proud to work in their art education and maturing fear tackled in public. 
I'm going to focus only on three of the main reasons to review of art test. First, when I start with my sketch for a painting and examine the range of shades, shadows and lights that must be integrated into my scenario, I'm putting into practice the theory of color.

When I consider using the liner brush or fan brush instead of a brush tip and make a blending in circles, lines or dots, I'm putting into practice the theory that I learned in class, Second, when I use detail, retouching  and others belong to the theory we learn in class and carry out in practice. 
Third, when we are confronted by an audience who admire or criticize our work, my self-esteem will
increase and we'll be able to transform our feelings into artwork and let our artistic movements leave traces in our lives, but the criticism is also important because it allows us to strengthen our theory with new eyes and see our mistakes and try to improve.
Being a professional artist or just an artist for hobby is fascinating because it allows us to express and translate our feelings in a painting that will last forever, face to a public and review of art strengthened my self-esteem and allows us to be able to face critical issues and in addition to understand that there are no limits in art and we can play with colours, match colours or use different means to form a work of art. I think these are good reasons to deal with art testing and remember that once studied art as a hobby.